Cascina Langa
An Italian refuge. Truly experience the Langa.

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experience travel

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 Don’t vacation, EXPERIENCE, truly GET TO know Italy

What is Experience Travel? It is an anti normal American vacation. The, "I'm going to Italy!!" "Wow, where are you going?" "I'm going to Rome, Venice, Turin, Florence, Pisa, Napoli, and Tuscany and we're going to spend a few hours in London the way there and Paris on the way back, maybe we can squeeze in the Eiffel Tower..." "how many days are you going to be there?" " I think six"....
Perhaps if you had adventurous grandparents, you may have heard of stories of their travels from a time before bits, and apps and things that make you think of more than 60 thoughts a minute. They would spend a day or two traveling to a destination, and then stay a week or more.  A different time, but it doesn't have to be. Prior to 1960, travel  logistics and technology were very different. You could only travel to one or two destinations. So you stuck around and got to know a place, the landscape, the hidden gems, met people and made friends. You created memories. 
Traveling in fewer spots provides the opportunity to try much of the local cuisine, find the secret gems, become a local for a week at the local watering hole, and make amazing friendships. A relaxing submersion into the location's culture, tradition, and people. Think of it as almost slow travel. The way most of us travel today doesn't allow us to make a meaningful connection or any deep seeded cherished memories.  I was guilty of this at one time as well, before I found and fell in love with Piemonte- specifically the Langa.
With technology today, you can get to many places, very quickly. It doesn't mean you should. Exit the mindset that traveling should include visiting multiple regions or countries during one vacation or holiday. Stop and smell the roses. Make a connection. Come stay with us for a week or more in one of the most beautiful places on earth, eating some of the worlds best food, drinking some of the best wines, making amazing memories you'll want to revisit.  Return to a simpler time with us when vacationing meant relaxing, recovering from the stress of everyday life. Come relax and have an adventure.  Welcome to the Langa. Cascina Langa. 

It’s the overlook that does it.  You arrive back to Cascina Langa after an adventure filled day, having made friends with some of the world’s most important winemakers, chefs, farmers, hunters, artisans and craftsmen, ideally after eating a fior di pesca gelato. Before walking into the 300-year-old building, you gaze across the landscape and all of a sudden truly see it for the first time. You stand there, wind in your hair, looking out at the landscape of undulating hills stretching across the horizon all the way to the edge of Italy, the Alps on the horizon.
You understand in that instant that all before you, as the sun begins to set and the hills turn into dark brush strokes under a dimming pink sky, is the Langa. There is so much before you - beauty, thousands of years of craftsmanship, artistry, generations of family heritage and trade secrets passed down. Viewing it all from 750 meters, from the highest point in the region, looking west as far as Mt. Viso (the Paramount Pictures mountain) and as far north as Turin and Mont Blanc, you realize something.  The days spent experiencing Piedmont, making new life-long friends, (because that’s what people do in Piedmont, you realize) - it all lies before you.  The Cascina Langa Experience gives you access to capture so many life journeys, viewable in one snapshot, one landscape.. one blink. And as you breath in the fresh breeze, sweet from everything, both wild and cultivated, growing all around you, you hear the kind words of your host, “Aperitivo?”