Cascina Langa
An Italian refuge. Truly experience the Langa.




11 am - 11 pm
11 am - 11 pm

*dinner by reservation


Each landscape has its own flavor 

The intent is to reconstruct the memory of the food of this land through all local ingredients. The intention is to tell a journey through forests, orchards, small local producers, cooks and chefs and stories of friends who make wine, which transmit to the host, with the opening of the bottle, the magic of transformation and the wonder of their traditions. 
We offer samples of small productions of cheeses and sausages, hams and preserves, crisp bread and simple fragrances, anchovies of the salt road, dips and sauces, oils and vinegars, scented salts and jams.

"By doing so ... we list the product in its simplicity to be the work of art, the center of the historical memory of the place and at the same time searching for new traditions.
They then wait for the seasons to enjoy its fruit and you will look in the tradition of true humility and humanity of the ingredient, which wants to keep its nature and its good taste.
We believe it is a matter of attention to the tastes lost somewhere in the memory, because the workforce capacity (our type of soil cultivation, organic) is not only seeking out a new flavor of talent, but in bringing about his temperament . We thank those who have dropped into oblivion the true tastes, this gave us the joy of rediscovering traditional flavors. In short, no war, no peace. Of the senses.
The food, as we know, gives comfort when it brings us back to the land where we started.
We are here to remember the wisdom of all the ancient peasant action, collaborating with the wrinkled faces of this campaign, without abandoning our old habits in search of good news. We return here to Langa, perhaps not be too much away, with a fixed idea whenever we taste our hazelnuts: we have fed us, we have cured, healed, grown, imagine large and subsequently entrusted to those who bring in himself, in an endless path of life energy exchange. If you build your food you'll be a proud and free man, because you'll learn not to have masters and you build with your people your human landscape. "

The landscape we never tire of speaking, are the agricultural, human landscapes, family, music, cultural ones that tell our Place

And 'the language of the food that we are going to rebuild, a common language to anyone who opens up moments of pure beauty.
These are the stories of the dust that the farmer knows, the real moments of attention to the finished product.
Imagine you can experience at the table passes through the food and wine, without forgetting the importance of aesthetics of the landscape and the music we listen to the people we see around us, the peace that we breathe.

"... a narrative of those fabulous times, from 1931 to 1935, with those tiny prices and the ease of going to taverns around the clock ... to tell Digestible those memories and stories of the Hosts of Italy ..."